The Idiocy of Overused Acronyms

Robert Griffin III in NFL debutNicknames used to be the domain of fans. It used to be a sub-cultural, grass-roots type of thing reserved for the domain of the regular folks. Sportscasters and analysts used just – broadcast and analyze. It was almost as though they were legitimate media people who just specialized in sports. Then came the new, “hipper” age of sports reporting when everyone tried to show how up with the times they were by using, and over-using common nicknames (I explored this in an article last year called Nicknames Suck, Let’s Shake On It).

But now this practice is brought to a whole new absurd level with the arrival of Robert Griffin III, a very talented rookie whose future looks bright with the Washington Redskins. His name is, however, so laborous that it must be shortened to the acronym “RG3″. Now, this is not just a casual reference, but a redundant and overused title which is quickly getting old – and this kid has only played one game.

But maybe, it’s just me being a stick in the mud. Perhaps I should get better versed in this hipster games and caught up with the fad of middle-aged ex-jocks everywhere. So, with that in mind, I’ll give my brief analysis of week one of the 2012 season, hipster style.

It all started lasted W in NYC (or ERNJ, to be more specific) as the defending champion NYG faced DC and were defeated when TR1 out-did EM1 to get the upset vicory. Last night in DC, EM1’s older brother PM1 showed he can still play as DB defeated PS in what turned out to be the most watched regular season game in C21 thus far. Earlier in GBW, the potent offense led by AR1 could not overcome the deficiencies of the defense, despite the inspired play of CM2 as SF49 got a huge road win against GBP at LF on LA. Back in NYC (or ERNJ, to be more specific) the QBC between MS1 and TT1 seemed to take a back seat as NYJ easily defeated cross-state BB1.

I’d go on, but I hope I made my point on the idiocy of all this.


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