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Pummel Them with Propaganda

September 13, 2012
by Ric Albano
U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt under AttackTuesday was the 11th anniversary of the worst tragedy in American history, which has always been a solemn day of reflection for me. But unlike the previous ten anniversaries, this one just felt more tragic and melancholy. Perhaps it was because it was a Tuesday with beautiful autumn weather, just like the actual day in 2001, but there was just something foreboding about the 11th anniversary of 9/11.

Then came the attacks on our embassies Tuesday night, with four American diplomats murdered in Libya and violence at several other U.S. embassies. Although, these tragedies are hardly comparable in terms of scale or sheer level of horror, I actually have the exact same reaction that I had after the original 9/11. Like then, I do not want to go to war with the Muslim world or even send troops to the areas which were attacked. I would much rather if we hit them with something much more powerful – our culture.

We should literally pummel them with propaganda, through any and every medium possible. It is obvious that “live and let live” does not work with these people or this culture. So I say let this sleeping beast of American freedom rise and spew forth our art, music, film, literature, sports, and fully liberated women of the adult entertainment industry.

Now, I realize that the very idea of “propaganda” may make many freedom lovers cringe, but just look at how much propaganda we’re currently exposed to by the mainstream news media. What I’m really talking about here is a massive “awareness” campaign like no other in history, which will break down the walls of ignorance with a bombardment of freedom-bred reality that cries, “Hey, it may be the 6th century over there but look over here. We have people living a 21st century existence.”

I expect such a propaganda campaign would be extremely controversial to the politically correct fascists over here, and there is no doubt that the extreme Muslim fascists over there would resort to immediate violence. But slowly, such a campaign would gradually increase in its effectiveness and many quiet revelations would take place among new generations in these cultures as the totalitarian fist begins to lose its grip.

Political correctness means lobotomizing one’s own imagination, and eventually we need to stop apologizing for being functional, advanced, and free.


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