Not Last Year’s Giants

December 23, 2012
By J.D. Cook

These are not last year’s New York Giants. This team has failed to win a ‘must win’ game two weeks in a row now and has failed at sweeping the lowly Philadelphia Eagles. For the second week in a row I was forced to suffer through a complete waste of my time. Last week the Giants did not score a single point so it seemed probable tGiants Fall to the Ravenshat the Giants would rebound with a large offensive…offensive but they did not. Instead they essentially re-enacted the same game as last week. What compounds the problem is that this week was a TRUE ‘must win’ as the loss to the Ravens essentially knocked us out of the playoffs. Now even if we beat Philadelphia this coming week we would need a large amount of help to earn ourselves the sixth seat in the playoffs. So with that I look forward to a pointless victory against a franchise which has looked terrible all year. This is truly a disgusting end to what was not a bad season until the last few weeks. It’s become increasingly hard to write this blog as the Giants have literally given me nothing to focus on. The offense didn’t seem to have a single play that inspired me and the defense followed suit with very few stops and a lack luster front four. There need to be some serious personal changes on the front end of the defense this off season. Along with that we need a serious change of pace running back that can control a games tempo. I wonder if there is any credence to the injury rumors I’ve heard about Eli Manning because he has not been the same player for the last stretch of the season. Oh well A Merry Christmas to all and to all a pleasant off season; unless you are making the playoffs…then a Happy New Year!


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