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There Is a House in New Orleans

by Peggy Fay Albano

AHS Coven, Episode 2: “Boy Parts”

Previously, Madison (Emma Roberts), who had been sexually attacked by several boys, caused a bus in which the boys were riding to get into a fatal accident. Along with those who died was Kyle (Evan Peters), who tried to stop the abuse.

Madison, who wanted to bring back Kyle to life, broke into the morgue with Loe (Talissa Farmiga). Finding the boys bodies cut into pieces, they decided to take the best parts and reassemble them to the head of Kyle. They then performed a satanic ritual and “Frankenstein” Kyle was created.

Madame LaLaurie, (Kathy Bates) has come into the present day after being cursed with immortality. She doesn’t seem like the same evil Madame. I guess being buried alive for 180 years will do that to you.

Also returning to the present day is Marie (Angela Bassett) who placed the curse of immortality on Madame.

The episode was not as interesting as the previous one but hopefully future episodes will be better.

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