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Agents of Shield: Eye Spy

by: J.D. Cook

Agents of Shield is starting to feel a bit bi-polar. Last week’s episode ‘the Asset’ was probably the best episode of the series so far. This week’s ranked somewhere just in front of ‘0-8-4’ and behind ‘the Pilot’. I really think how much I like the show is tied directly to how much influence comic books have in the episodes plot. Last week was almost lifted straight from a comic book. There were super gravity weapons, a horrible super villain creating origin and a good amount of humor. This week felt kind of like a spy thriller as Coulson’s team raced to stop the woman he trained named Akela Amadour (played by Pascale Armand)from killing her targets. There was a science fiction twist of course but it was not as awesome as I had hoped it would be.

Spoilers Below

That was that a secret organization had implanted a device in Amadour’s eye that gave her commands. Disobeying them led to the secret organization blowing up the device in her eye and killing her. Now when the Agents of Shield first hacked into her eye feed my hope was that she had been transformed into a cyborg killing machine. I mean who doesn’t like Cyborg killing machines? Unfortunately it was only a cyborg killer eye machine. There was also little from the comic universe in this episode. I don’t think I spotted anything really. The strange writing Agent Ward discovered looked like it was probably Chitauri but I would be impressed if it was something else like demon script hinting at Dr. Strange appearing in the future.

All in all it wasn’t a bad episode. It continued to hint that Coulson is not Coulson and that Shield may not be as well intentioned as they seem. The eye terminator turned to Melinda May to ask what happened to Coulson but when she didn’t really seem to want to answer the eye Thor Returns terminator stopped talking as if she knew Melinda May was in on whatever had been done to him. May also acted a little too quick to try and kill the eye terminator as if she wanted her silenced because she knew something or knew Coulson prior to his turn into a life model decoy (my theory on his rebirth). Wouldn’t it be shocking if near the end of the first season we discover it was Shield they were running into the whole time or a rogue faction in Shield? That would lead the show directly into Captain America: The Winter Soldier since from what I’ve heard that’s going to be a part of that movie. I’d also add that all these episodes with a non-super hero protagonist are really getting my fired up and ready for the return of Thor in a few weeks.  Anyway I got really excited because it looked like Sunfire was going to be in next week’s episode but then I remembered everybody’s favorite arrogant solar samurai is owned by the X-Men rights and Sony, who only seems obsessed with adapting the B and C class X-Men, not the ones with actual character and depth. Sadness gripped my heart.

Until next week my friends!

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