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The Sacred Taking

by Peggy Fay Albano

Queenie, on a quest from Marie Leveau, is approached by a very bad man who intends to do her harm. The tables are turned, however, and she leaves the man lying in the street, “heartless”.

Misty Day arrives at the academy frantically seeking help, apparently there’s someone after her. When they agreed to take her in, she asks if she could bring someone else too. That someone is …..Myrtle

Telling her son, Luke, that he needs to be clean on the inside as well as the outside, Joan Ramsey proceeds to give him an enema of water and cleanser (Ajax or Bab Bo) I know not which. Nan becomes quite upset hearing Lukes screams (in her head) Later she breaks into his house and finds him in a closet, bound and gagged. When Joan finds them she calls the police on Nan. Suddenly shots came through the window leaving Joan dead and Luke wounded. Later Cordelia finds a silver bullet outside the Ramsey’s home.

The Axeman and Fiona are still an item but Fiona imagines him leaving her (in the not to distant future) alone to die from her fast moving cancer.

In the meantime the others are gathered to elect a new supreme. After which, Madison and Myrtle convince Fiona to take pills to end her life. As she lay sleeping, she hears someone telling her to wake up…it’s Spaulding! He offers her an antidote and soon she is up and about to the dismay of all the others.

Queenie takes a sandwich to the caged up Delphina who is very grateful. Her gratitude is short-lived, however, when a very angry Marie Leveau arrives and cuts off her hand.

Later that night a box is left on the doorstep of the academy. Fiona opens it. What was in the box you might ask. Was it Delphina’s hand? No…..It was her head!

Dead….alive….dead….alive! It seems like the same old same old…. Therefore, I give it just 4 big bullfrog leaps.

Nutshell Reviews4 out of 10 Bigbluebullfrog Leaps

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