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by Peggy Fay Albano

In a flashback,  a man took his son hunting for the first time. What were they hunting? Deer? Rabbit? No, actually it was witches. And they got one!

In the present day, Fiona visits Marie La Veaux with the head that was left on her doorstep, wanting to make an alliance. After Cordelia previously found a silver bullet, it is now clear that witch hunters are on the prowl. However, Marie does not agree and she tells Queenie to burn Madame Delphine’s head (she is still alive, she can’t die). Queenie instead puts the racist Delphine’s head on a tray and forces her to watch footage of the civil rights movement and the movie Roots.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, Cordelia’s husband Hank is revealed to be the little boy in the opening scene and he argues with his father and finds out that his father had Cordelia blinded. The father, along with Marie La Veaux, gives an order that Hank have all witches killed that night. Upon returing however, Cordelia throws him out, setting off Hank on a shooting spree at Marie La Veaux’s, shooting many including Queenie, who uses her voo doo power to shoot Hank dead (through her own mock suicide).

Myrtle (previously burned at the stake but re-animated) summons two other members of the council to convince them that she forgives them for their part in her death. But this is not so. Myrtle spiked their drinks, causing paralysis – but this is not the worst of it. She takes the female council members eyes out and trades Cordelia’s blind eyes. Cordelia’s vision is restored, but her Vision is lost. Later, with great glee, Myrtle dismembers the council members and puts the body parts in acid.

Joan, Luke’s mother, is still alive after Misty brought her back. Nan, Zoe, and Madison visit Luke in the hospital but Joan tries to throw them out. Reading Luke’s mind, Nan relays to Joan that he wants her to sing a song to him that she sang when he was eight years old. So Joan sings “Just a Closer Walk with Thee”, but she throws Nan out when she reveals that Luke knows Joan killed his father. Luke is then smothered by his mother.

The episode ends with Marie La Veaux knocking on the door of the academy.

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