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Time for a Post-Season Purge

by J.D. Cook

Final Score: NY Giants 0 Seattle Seahawks 23

The Giants certainly had a chance to upset the Seattle Seahawks today. Unfortunately the offense did not show up. I think it is time for Kevil Gilbride to go. He’s certainly been a good Offensive Coordinator in his lengthy tenure with the New York Giants but as I said last week there have to be some people with their heads on the chopping block after this year. I do not think the organization is going to axe its franchise quarterback and he is really the only other member of the organization to blame for the Seattle slaughter. Gilbride is a fairly conservative coach and he has done well when the team has had good running backs but as was well documented, this year the Giants have had almost no running game. He has been unable to transition to the pass heavy offensive style the Giants have had to work with this year.

Defensively the Giants held Seattle to 13 points in the first half and ten points in the second half. If the offense had been able to score twice in the first half and twice in the second half we could have beaten the anointed champion Seahawks. This is the second time the ‘supposedly’ talented Giants offense was completely shut out in a game this year. Meanwhile the Giant’s defense managed to get three sacks and an interception, which was immediately thrown back to the Seahawks by Manning. Yes I acknowledge that Seattle has a great defense but as a team and an organization you have to step up to an occasion like this and show the world what you have. The Giants showed those watching…nothing. Much like they have done for the entirely of this season. I mean the final score of this game instantly conjures up images of the 2005 Wild Card Playoff loss to the Carolina Panthers via the same score. The only thing that makes this game a little easier to swallow is that it isn’t in the playoffs.

I’m looking forward to the end of the season when the Giants ownership and GM will hopefully shake up the team by cutting the fat everywhere it needs to be cut.  I mean I am literally more excited for the off-season then the final two games of this season. I can’t recall the last time I felt like that. This season is an embarrassment to what should have been a playoff team and organization. After a 5 interception game even Eli Manning might be part of the post-season purge.

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