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How to Get in the Christmas Spirit

by J.D. Cook

Every year I wait around expecting to suddenly be hit with ‘all that good will towards men’ and ‘holiday magic’ that is so famous in Christmas movies. Unfortunately I’ve learned, as countless other children becoming adults before me have, that getting into the Christmas Spirit is much harder as you get older. Now I maintain it’s not because the magic of the holiday goes away with age and it has nothing to do with the amount or substance of presents you receive. It’s a simple thing that a lot of people overlook during the holiday. You have to put yourself in the Christmas Spirit!

You need to waste copious amounts of time watching sappy Christmas movies, baking Christmas cookies and most importantly DECORATING! Maybe it is just me but if I don’t brave my dusty basement to dig out my Christmas lights and tree I just feel like the holiday isn’t even upon me. There is a powerful ritual in raising a Christmas tree and covering it with lights, tinsel and ornaments. That said just like most other rituals the act of decorating itself is not enough. You need to gather loved ones or friends around you and have them help. It needs to be a family occurrence where you all come together for a few hours and focus on the simple task of arranging that pine tree (or artificial tree) in the way most pleasing to the eye.

The past two Christmas seasons I put myself in the ‘Christmas Spirit’ by forcing myself to write countdowns of my favorite Christmas Songs and Christmas Films. This was actually an excellent way of creating holiday cheer in myself. I recommend everyone try and fit 12 Christmas Films into their busy lives, or even less but just try and immerse yourself in the season and let love in. I mean this is the season that changed Scrooge and the Grinch, surely it can change you? Even if it is just for one day! Ok now maybe you are saying why all the concern over my holiday J.D. Cook!? Well it’s because I’ve had one very bleak Christmas fairly recently and I know just how dark this day can be but that’s not what Christmas is about. It is about focusing on whatever good memories and happy things you have in your life and spreading love to everyone you can. Don’t dwell on the past just strive to make this Christmas the best you can and I guarantee you will find yourself feeling that Christmas magic at least once between now and Christmas day.

For me it’s every year at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life when George Bailey finally realizes how much he wants to live and goes running through the streets professing his love for everyone and everything. “Merry Christmas you old building and loan!” Alright I hope I got through to a few people who haven’t been hit by the season yet. If I haven’t? Well go check out one of my Christmas count downs and start drudging up some positive memories!

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