Sue Jerry Jones

by J.D. Cook

I’ve seen this game before. That’s why I started writing this in the 3rd quarter. Once Larry Donnell fumbled and Dallas turned it into a touchdown it was clear this game was over. It’s really frustrating that the Giants keep falling into the same narrative stretching back to last year at least. I’ll explain more below.

The Positives

The Giants offense managed to score points this week so that was a welcome improvement. Daniel Fells touchdown was a thing of beauty early in the game. Odell Beckham Jr. also looks like a legitimate threat on offense but his quick jump into touchdown dances after scoring makes me think he care a little too much about his image and a not enough about winning. Darn, even the positives section of the blog has negatives today…might as well get onto them then.

The Negatives

I spoke above about the same narrative taking place. That narrative is that when the Giants get hot on offense and score the defense can no longer get any stops. The reverse is true as well because when the defense is playing hot and getting stops the offense fails to capitalize on them. They just don’t seem able to get a stop and a score or vice versa. I can’t remember the last time the Giants got a clutch win against a division foe when they needed one. It probably hasn’t happened for a year or more. I miss the old days when we’d be down by a score and Eli would drive us down the field to win the game. Is that Giants team totally gone?

The Two Minute Drill

The Giants played a much better game this week but this loss is crippling. We no longer have much of an ability to win the division unless the Cowboys and Eagles go into long losing streaks. All the teams the Giants have beaten this season have been sub-par and we’ve now lost to every good team we’ve played. I have little to no hope that we will come out of our killer stretch of games with a winning record. At this point I’d probably say we will be sitting at home when the playoffs come around for yet another year. I want to end this blog on a positive so I’ll just say that hopefully some fans will sue Jerry Jones for trying to blind the crowd with his ridiculous idea to keep the stadiums windows open.

Adios until after the Bye Week!

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  • How ironic that a Giants fan would complain about stadium conditions, when the Giants were infamous for opening up the tunnel doors to cause more wind when the opponents had the ball at old Giants Stadium. And did I mention that they cheated in Super Bowl XXI?

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