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Super Tuesday

March 7, 2012

2012 Election IconThe biggest night of the primaries was held last night (March 6th) with 10 primaries held in states within every region of the nation. The results were similar to the candidates standings coming into Tuesday, with Mitt Romney winning six of the states, Rick Santorum winning three, and Newt Gingrich winning his home state of Georgia.

The closest contest came in Ohio, a very imortant swing state in the general election. Unofficial results show Romney edging by Santorum 38% to 37%, in a race which was uncertain until deep into Wednesday morning. Romney also won his home state of Massachusettes comfortably, along with Vermont, Idaho, Alaska, and Virginia, which did not put Santorum or Gingrich on it’s ballot. Santorum won in Tennessee, Oklahoma, and North Dakota.

To sum up the win totals of the 21 primaries held so far, Romney has won thirteen, Santorum six, and Gingrich two. But in total delegates, Romney has a huge lead with an estimated 415 delegates to Santorum’s 176 with Gingrich at 105 and Ron Paul at 47. To secure the Republican nomination, 1144 delegates are needed.



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