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Abortion Debate Retort

March 10, 2012
By Sinclair Soul

Philosopher's StoneIn his original article, the Cultural Communist hit the spot when he stated how abortion directly contrasted with this country’s founding principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He also made a great analogy on the widespread, absurd practice of trying to quill debate on this subject by disqualifying anyone “without ovaries”.

So, in essence there are not many points of agreement that I have with the Cultural Communist on this. However, there are some original points of view that I’d like to put forth to explain my unorthadox perspective on this subject.

First, I am pro choice in every sense of the word, short of destroying a fetus. Now, I know this may sound ludicrous but I believe it is a sound position. I believe in liberty, and would support the termination of any pregnancy so long as it didn’t result in the death of a baby. This may seem absurd on its face but it does offer an interesting hypothetical for those on the opposite side of the argument;

If a fetus could be removed from a woman alive, would you favor this procedure over an abortion?

The answer to this question would distinguish between those who are “pro choice” and those who are downright “pro abortion” and this is an important distinction to be made.

So in essence, I am pro life first, pro choice next. But I do believe there is some moral hierarchy. Although killing a fetus is wrong, it not as egregious as killing a child post-birth. and, conversely, the death of a late-term fetus is worse than one earlier in development. Of course, traveling down this hierarchal path will always lead to the proverbial situation – what about cases of rape or incest?

My answer to this question, inevitably asked by one who is in favor of abortion in all case, is simple. Sure, I’m for abortion in these extreme cases. Just as long as you are for abortion ONLY in these extreme cases. Just see how they react to that one.

The sad fact is that abortion is used as much (if not more) as a tool convienience as it is to get a woman out of a dire situation brought on by an unwanted pregnancy. Just check out this situation in Oregon, where a couple is suing for $3 million because a pre-natal test failed to detect their daughter’s Down syndrome. The little girl is now 4 years old and her parents, while claiming that they love her dearly, feel cheated that they did not have opportunity to abort her as a fetus because of her tragic flaw. How sick is that shit?

The Cultural Communist wrote a good article touching on this “touchy” subject, but I feel there is much unexplored nuance in this whole debate that is yet to be explored.



The Soul of the Nation Article LogoSinclair Soul is a championship-level background singer and now political columnist for BigBlueBullfrog.com. His column, “The Soul of the Nation” thoroughly examines the state of American politics and culture from a Soul perspective.

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