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Mitt’s the Shitt

March 13, 2012
by Big Blue Bullfrog Editors

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney celebrated his 65th birthday yesterday. So we thought we’d grace him with a gift he has surely long coveted – the endorsement of Big Blue Bullfrog!
Yes folks, we believe it is time for the Republicans to end this primary “madness” and focus all their efforts on winning back the White House in November. Sure, there are those who will argue that Rick Santorum still has a legitimate mathematical shot at the nomination. But, as we mentioned in our recent article on Santorum, it is nearly impossible to elect an honest man in the 21st century. Besides, the media is so biased against Santorum that if he were to single-handedly come up with a cure for cancer tomorrow, by the day after the media would spin into a story of how he cruelly put so many ecologists out of work.

That’s not to say that Romney won’t be subject to the same crap once he is a direct threat to President Obama’s power. And if Romney succeeds, forget about it. The person who replaces Obama will be a pariah of the first degree and his character will be “justifiably” destroyed. So, while Romney looks remarkably well for 65 today, he will likely look every bit his age at 69 in 4 years, should he be up for reelection. Which brings us to some very strict caveats that go along with our endorsement.

First, this is an endorsement of Romney for a 4-Year term. There has been a foolish practice in recent years of parties clearing the way to have incumbents run unopposed for the nomination. We believe this does not serve the President nor the nation well, as George W. Bush’s second term disaster would only be “under-shadowed” by another 4 years of Barrack Obama. Further, conservatives do have a very deep “bench” for 2016 and into the “roaring 20s”. So Governor Romney, run for 4-year term (not an 8-year term) and act like it is your only one. In 2016, throw your hat in the ring, compete again in a primary, and let us decide if we want someone else. That would be best for America.

Take this one term and be bold. And we don’t mean “bold” in the Obama big-government-does-everything-for-everyone sense, but bold in fighting for the cause of freedom. It is really that simple, it all boils down to freedom. America used to be known as the “land of the free” (and they weren’t talking about free health care) and we should all strive to make it so again.

You WILL inherit a colossal mess, Mr. Romney, and we want you to vow to never, EVER lean on the crutch of the mess you inherited. Whether this be in your second, third, or fourth year, no bullshit excuses Mitt! You must enter this job with your eyes wide open and with a real agenda for making America great again. This will mean making extremely tough choices and it will not be easy. There will be many who try to make you fail – that is politics, deal with it.

Finally, we appreciate the fact that you don’t apologize for your success, and we implore you to take those successes and relate it to new entrepreneurs and creative people. There are millions of us who are revved and ready to go and we’d like a leader who speaks to us in a positive and optimistic way and, most importantly, as competent adults with the ability to make our own decisions. Just clear the debris off the road to success and let us build our own vehicle to go forward. This means clarity and little interference domestically and advocacy of America internationally. Let common sense prevail over any special interest.

We congratulate the other candidates for making this a spirited primary, but we believe it is time to move forward. After today’s primaries in Alabama, Mississippi, and Hawaii, there are only 3 primary contests left during the rest of the month of March. Now is the opportune time for the Republican party to coalesce around the candidate who will be the 45th President of the United States, Mitt Romney.





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