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August 31, 2012
The 10 Best (and 5 Worst) Speeches at the R.N.C.
Ric Albano

With the Republican National Convention wrapped up and Mitt Romney set as the official nominee, I thought I’d reflect on some of the best and worst speeches given this past week in Tampa.


Game Review by Big Blue Bullfrog

August 29, 2012
Mass Effect 3: Leviathan
J.D. Cook

Mass Effect 3 was met with cries of lack luster story telling; is the first DLC any different?


Tuesday Morning Tailback

August 28, 2012
TMT’s “No BS” Challenge
Tuesday Morning Tailback

Once again to kick off the NFL season, we are launching special challenge to readers to forecast who they think will be the 8 Division Champions at the end of this regular season.


The World

August 25, 2012
One Giant Loss for Mankind
Ric Albano

The first man to set foot on the moon, Neil Armstrong passed away this afternoon. On July 20, 1969 Armstrong marked the moment with one of the most famous quotes in human history.


Pat Albano

August 21, 2012
Goodnight, Good Guy
J.D. Cook

Pat Albano passed away on August 15, 2012 at the age of 75. The eulogy was written and delivered by his grandson and our editor-in-chief, J.D. Cook.


Big Blue Bullfrog Sports

August 20, 2012
Closure in London
Oliver Layco

Take a look back at what turned out to be an amazing London Games!


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August 11, 2012
Paul Ryan for Vice President
Ric Albano

Paul Ryan is brilliant, bold, young, and from a modest working class background. In the last two years, he has become the clear fiscal leader in Congress and has put out a bold budget each year as a fiscal guru.


Critique in Brevity

August 9, 2012
Oliver Layco

Can the 1994 classic Illmatic hold its own against today’s music? The short answer: Yes it can!!


Big Blue Bullfrog Blog

August 7, 2012
Free Comics and Old Pole Dancers
J.D. Cook

I went on a crazy adventure to the city last week. The real mystery is how the old pole dancers and the free comics fit together!


The World

August 3, 2012
Am I Really a God?
Ric Albano

Surprisingly, no one has really asked me if I am a god in the past 30 years or so. But lately I’ve been considering it.


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