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A.H.S. ‘Ripped Open’ 2

by J.D. Cook

Episode 2 Season 2
*Spoilers are Guaranteed*

Well episode two played like a remake of the Exorcist with classic “car arriving in lamp light” scene and all! There were some interesting revelations in this episode. The first was that Bloody Face is most certainly not Kit. He is seen killing Lana’s girl friend in the opening of the episode while Kit is stuck in the Asylum. This is interesting because it means that aliens aren’t the only thing responsible for the murders of women occurring around town. Secondly we learned that the mad Dr. Arden has a fetish for corrupting the innocent and then binding them in all manner of sexual perversion. Whether he is a killer of women is yet to be seen.

Zachary Quinto made his debut this season as the Psychiatrist Dr. Oliver Thredson. He seems to be the only normal character on the show at its beginning.  He is deciding whether Kit is sane enough to receive the death penalty. While at the asylum he witnesses various acts of neglect and cruelty and intervenes against Sister Jude. Unfortunately as he is trying to prove her methods unsound a possessed boy arrives. He is forced to sit in on the exorcism and witnesses some horrifying things. Whether these views of true evil destroy his resolve to reform the Asylum remains to be seen.

Grace seems to be the most likeable character after Dr. Thredson and Kit. She is played by Lizzie Brochere. I believe this is a red herring! She is deliberately being made to look the most normal and in control. So what is her dark secret? Does she have a dark past? Is she really an alien? Anything goes on this show! There was also deeper looks at Shelly the nymphomaniac played by Chloe Sevigny and Sister Jude’s histories.  Shelly presented herself as a misunderstood pleasure lover. The possessed boy confronted Sister Jude with her past as a promiscuous bar singer who hit a young girl and left her for dead on the road while driving home drunk one night. We also saw that Dr. Arden is into bondage but whether it is homicidal bondage is yet to be seen.

The episode opened with a continuation of the haunted honey moon. Adam Lavine met a grisly end at the hands of Bloody Face. His wife trapped herself in one of the cells with Bloody Face outside. Lastly the most interesting part of this episode was the end of the exorcism. The devil or demon fled from the boy it was inside resulting in his death but it entered the naive Sister Mary Eunice A.K.A Lily Rabe. My little pet theory puts aliens as the cause of the possessions and murders. They are hovering above the Asylum observing all of the madness they cause for scientific purposes! We’ll see if I am right or not at the end of the season. For Now…

Stay Spooked!

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One thought on “A.H.S. ‘Ripped Open’ 2

  • I thought that the demon entering Sister Mary Eunice was pretty creepy. The scene was very powerful and very disturbing. They definitely upper the scare factor with that scene. This is just one of the many reasons why my Hopper timer is set each week to catch another episode. I wasn’t surprised by Sister Jude’s background either and it kind of tied in to the whole imaginary scene she had with the Monsignor last week. She hasn’t been a nun her whole life and has impure thoughts because of it. My DISH co-worker thinks that Dr. Oliver Thredson is up to no good and I have to agree. He may be against Sister Jude’s idea of punishment and such but I don’t think that his theories are sound. He just might be up there with Dr. Arden.

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