Resident Evil 4

by J.D. Cook

Leon doing some simple fishingThis is the most critically acclaimed entry in the series. The story takes a drastic turn as zombies disappear from the plot along with the Umbrella Corporation. This was a bold and daring story telling move that paid off a great deal. Unlike the movies which paint Umbrella as unrealistically unstoppable; here Umbrella actually pays for having destroyed Raccoon City. The U.S. Government dismantles them. Many years later the President’s daughter is kidnapped and U.S. agent Leon is sent to find her in Europe. Leon has transformed from rookie cop to all out bad ass in his time since Resident Evil 2. He discovers that a terrorist group is using Las Plagas (parasites that control their host) to attempt to replace the President’s daughter with a clone to do the same to the President. Of course Leon puts an end to that nonsense. This game marks a change in the series from true horror to more of an action horror hybrid. This is evidenced by the change of camera style to a more action friendly 3rd person. After the game the Mercenaries mode is unlocked. Although this appeared in Resident Evil 3 it became fun here. This game really is a classic but I lament its lack of scary moments. It’s definitely a great game but the loss of kooky camera angles and moments that made me jump deluded it a bit from the series.

9 out of 10 Bigblue Leaps

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