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Resident Evil 5

by J.D. Cook

Chris and Sheva I was skeptical from the start with this game. Chris Redfield went from looking like an average fighter pilot type to a man mountain. Then the game was made into a fully action oriented co-op experience. Sure you can play single player if you want to deal with a dumb A.I. partner. Finally the story was just atrocious. Nearly every game in the series built Albert Wesker into a huge imposing villain who worked in the shadows behind all the events of the series. So how is his story capped off? Well turns out he’s actually one of many clones…oh and he wants to destroy the world…to leave only those fit to survive…???

This is a character who seemed to be building an empire behind the scenes for countless games to simply wipe out the world?! He didn’t even use the various viruses he had The games got Memes about how bad it wasstockpiled to create some sort of super virus to control the world’s population!? Nope just wants to kill everyone for essentially no reason. What the hell does he benefit from this!? They took one of the series best characters and reduced him to a 2D idiot! Oh yeah and instead of giving players Chris and Jill to play as they gave us Chris and Sheva…WHY SHOULD I CARE ABOUT SHEVA!? I’m given no reason to in the hours of game play. Oh and the monsters? The most imposing ones are all tentacle based leading me and my friend to dub the major creatures of the game as penis monsters. They are completely nonthreatening and worthless. The mercenary’s mode is really the only saving grace here. Its loads of fun to play with a friend…except for some reason they don’t give you split screens. They give you small rectangular boxes that are hard to see in even on 42’ inch televisions!

4 out 10 Bigblue Leaps

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