Giant Leash on the Browns

October 8, 2012
By J.D. Cook

We’re playing…the Browns…ha…haha…hahaha…they are up by two touchdowns early in the first half you say?

To quote the great Dick Enberg… “Oh Myyy”.

This was a must win game for the Giants as the next week against San Francisco will be a true trial by fire…of the California wildfire variety. What compounded the problem was the 49ers rousing victory over Buffalo. Of course that occurred after the outcome of the Giants showdown with the Browns.  Much like last year’s showdown between the 49ers and the Giants they may well be the two best teams in the Conference and they may well meet again down the road but before I hype that game up I should probably return to this one.

In the opening minutes of the first half the Giants couldn’t do anything right. Bradshaw Wilsonnnnnfumbled and led to one score while a huge pass from Weeden and blown coverage led to another…and that’s really all she wrote for the Browns. Bradshaw was powered by anger over his lost ball and gained 200 yards rushing. When the Giants control the ground they are nearly unstoppable. Of course 3 touchdown passes caught by Victor Cruz don’t hurt either. It was almost like the Giants reversed their formula in this game running to get to the red zone and passing to score. The lone dark spot in this game was the loss of new back Andre Brown. He went out with a concussion and I hope he returns soon! That said David Wilsonnnnn finally showed up for a long touchdown run!

Eli Manning continued to prove himself as (perhaps) the best Quarterback in the league right now; controlling the game handily after the teams opening mistakes.  The defens looked rusty sadly. Once again I have to point out that we should have the best front four in football but they fail to get sacks. The linebackers who are often cited as a weak spot in the team but they answer their criticism every week by getting sacks and interceptions repeatedly. Chase Blackburn who was often called a career special teams player is the definition of a Giants linebacker; hard hitting, tough, and athletic. I even have his autograph!

The mark of a truly good team is beating the teams you are supposed to. That is what this game was for them. It was a game they shouldn’t loose and couldn’t loose and they didn’t. Not all is lost for the Browns though; their new running back is quite good and he could be the lynchpin of their future re-birth. The Giants did happen to win it in spectacular style but the 49ers defense won’t roll over quite so easily next week. Once again we are heading for an old fashioned head knocking clash of the N.F. C. titans!


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