A.H.S. ‘Ripped Open’ 3-4-5

by J.D. Cook

Episodes 3,4 and 5 Season 2
*Spoilers are Guaranteed*

Due to Hurricane Sandy it took a while for me to catch up on American Horror Story: Asylum. Well I paid 1:99 to watch last week’s episode and used on demand for the week before so now I’m on top of the show.

First I’d like to point out that I was right about the Aliens coming to the Asylum! They showed up in the middle of the Nor’easter which was also the name of the episode…which aired two days after Sandy hit Staten Island. Coincidence? I think not! One of the writers of A.H.S. seems to be able to control the weather! Just kidding of course!

Now back to the things I haven’t commented on yet. The haunted honey moon couple met their fate at the hands of copy cat Bloodyface killers. After they finished off the couple another Bloodyface, perhaps the real one appeared. This segment has not been touched since so we await the resolution. It seems the copy cat killers are meeting their inspiration.

In the Asylum a new patient who believes she is Anne Frank, played by Franka Potente, is admitted. She quickly identifies Dr. Arden as a Nazi scientist named Hans Gruber. This arises Sister Jude’s suspicion and she soon goes looking for answers after being stone walled by the Monsignor. After it is discovered Anne Frank was simply a mentally ill woman Sister Jude is put on the outs for believing her theories about Arden’s Nazi past. Her faith is broken and she goes to bar to meet a man to sleep with.

Before this Arden is shot by Anne Frank who stole a gun from a visiting cop. He is saved before he is killed. In the meantime the possessed Sister Mary Eunice takes the now experimented and paraplegic body of Shelly the nymphomaniac out of his lab saving his experiments from being discovered. It seems the Devil or the Demon in Eunice would like Arden to be running the Asylum as it wished to protect him.

We also learned that Kit’s love interest Grace murdered her family with an axe. Her father molested her and her mother did not stop the sexual misbehavior. This does not make her a good character by any stretch of the imagination but it makes her the Tate of this season; as she is the sympathetic disturbed murder of the show. She and Kit were caught having sex and Sister Jude punished her by sentencing her to be sterilized. It is unknown if this actually occurred as she was abducted by Aliens in the night and returned to the Asylum. She saw Kit’s wife while in the Alien ship though.

Finally the most exciting twist of the last three episodes was the reveal of Bloodyface. The one immaculately good character Dr. Thredsone abducted Lana Winters by telling her he would help her blow the lid on the terrible situation at the Asylum. Instead he dropped her in a room with her dead lover. He said he was going to use aversion therapy to cure her of her lesbianism via making her kiss her dead lover. What I love about this twist was that the serial killer was who everyone should have least suspected. Just like in real life he seemed like a perfectly normal person. This does add a bit of irony to his time interviewing Kit Walker. He also tricks Kit into admitting to having committed the murders of Bloodyface.

There is a really cool thing I noticed about this season as well. None of the characters are reliable narrators for the show. They could all very well be crazy. There is some food for thought!

It seems like Sister Jude, and Kit Walker are the only characters with any bit of moral goodness left to them. Jude will be the one who will have to combat the devil in Eunice. This would fit with the original exorcist as the Priest who pushed out that demon was a troubled soul like her. Kit’s triumph will simply be escaping the asylum. I still think Arden will meet his fate at the hands of the Aliens but it would be interesting if Bloodyface met the Aliens too. This last episode was fantastic. For now I suggest you…

Stay Spooked!

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