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One Nation : Old Druids

By Ra’Chaun Rogers

Created: Jason Reeves & John Ruben Milton

 Writer: Alverne Ball & Jason Reeves

Art: Ari Syahrazad

There are 34 attributes believed to be possessed by God, each of these attributes is represented by a letter that spells out the full name of God. This is the tale told in One Nation: Old Druids. This is the story of Sundita a man just returned from the Vietnam War who is now stationed in England where a local gentleman buys him a drink. After conversation the two men pick up two ladies and head back to the Brit’s place of residence where chaos ensues. We learn shortly that the world is filled with those that prey on the gifted and unsuspecting and that sometimes their eyes can be too big for their fangs.

Jason Reeves is doing a great job of building a world with real history that stands on its own. Sundita’s character is a welcome breath of fresh air from the typical, new-to –the-game, main characters of today. The switch back in the story is priceless and even though I prefer color comics to black and white, I completely understand why it was done. Though not as excited as the main story, One Nation, this was a nice departure and allows the reader a chance to become familiar with the scope of the world of ON and its danger. There is a bit of exposition toward the end, though it didn’t ruin the telling, and in hindsight it was a bit apropos, however it did seem to rush the story forward.

One Nation gets 8 out of 10 Bigbluebullfrog Leaps!

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