Light Blue Lions Eat Blue Giants

by: J.D. Cook

Well another season has started for Big Blue but the first game went to the team dressed in Light Blue. I am speaking of the Detroit Lions, who avenged their late season loss to Big Blue last year.  The Giants were large underdogs in this game but I had hope for our victory as we usually thrive against adversity. Unfortunately this was not the case tonight.

The Positives

The Giants Defense looked very good…at times. Although they weren’t all over the offense’s backfield they did get a lot of push upfront. I could see sacks coming if the defensive front keeps at it in the coming weeks. Giants TE Larry Donnell was the lone standout on offense with an early touchdown and multiple catches. He could be an X – Factor for the team in the future. Other than that there is not much to say about the Giants new Ben McAdoo led offense…so with that said.

The Negatives

The ghosts of the Giants past haunted the team today. The Giants defense held tight after giving up two early touchdowns but the offense was not able to capitalize on an opportunity to score before the half or when they got the ball back after the half. When the Giants offense finally did get hot the defense had been worn out by 3 quarters of playing tough. Eli Manning looked far too similar to last year and Victor Cruz did not even seem present.

The Two Minute Drill

It’s far too early to sound the emergency sirens. The Lions looked awesome and Matt Stafford looked elite but only time will tell if that was due to his opponent or not. The Giants face what could be a very tough match up next week but should be able to steal a win against the Washington Redskins in week 4. Things ‘should’ start to click more for the Giants offense as every week goes by. I can only hope they will get into a rhythm in time to make the playoffs.

Until next week!

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