Trade Odell Beckham Now!

by Tuesday Morning Tailback

I noticed today that our fearless leader, J.D. Cook, has failed to post a Giants Blog this week. Has he finally given up on Big Blue for the 2014 season? Assuming so, I guess this post serves a dual purpose this week. Anyway, late on Sunday night, Cook posted this on Facebook:
JD Cook Facebook post, 11/23/14

Note the #‎fireeveyonebutbeckham hashtag. On this point, I think Mr. Cook has it completely backwards as Beckham, whose stock will never be higher than it is right now, is the one who should go. Now, first I must acknowledge the nearly inhuman feat that was Beckham’s 2nd Quarter catch against Dallas on Sunday night, where he reached back behind his head to snag the ball while falling backwards and managed to stay inbounds, all after being clearly interfered with by the Cowboys defender. NBC’s Chris Collinsworth instantly called it the “greatest catch he’s ever seen” and many have jumped on similar bandwagons in the past few days. While I think some of this banter is overblown, there is no doubt that this catch was one for the ages.

But it came in the second quarter of a regular season game that the Giants ultimately lost and pretty much axed their 2014 with their sixth straight loss (as Mr. Cook correctly stated). So what was the real value of this catch? Market value! Remember Jadeveon Clowney’s hit in the 2013 Outback Bowl? That single play propelled him to be the #1 overall draft pick in this past 2014 Draft, the same draft where Beckham was chosen #8 overall by the Giants.

I have long contended that the Wide Receiver position is the most overrated and overblown in all of football where style is always valued over substance. This is clearly evident when someone like Dez Bryant is valued more highly than far superior talent like Larry Fitzgerald just because Bryant is a prima donna. At this very early point in the rookie Beckham’s career it is hard to say if he’ll be more like the former than the latter. But his stock is definitely on the rise.

The Giants should trade him to Tampa Bay for a couple of high draft picks and rebuild their team from the interior, like they did when they were winning championships.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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