Gotham Debut is Suprisingly Good

by: J.D. Cook

I must admit I was very skeptical of whether a pre-Batman Gotham based T.V. series would work. On the surface I just didn’t feel like the characters would work without Batman at the center. That said I decided to sit through the pilot because I didn’t want to write something off without first giving it a chance. I’m so thankful I did because this episode was excellent! Benjamin McKenzie does an excellent job playing a young James Gordon and I was already a fan of Donal Logue but he plays Harvey Bullock with a passion I didn’t expect. The supporting cast was equally astounding! David Mazouz plays a great Young Bruce Wayne and even Jada Pinkett Smith seemed legit as new character Fish Mooney. All of that said I was totally hooked when Gordon went to Wayne Manor and made a promise to Bruce to clean up Gotham. This seemed like a scene that could have stepped out of the Nolan films or the comics. The take on the characters seemed fresh despite how exposed they are in the public consciousness at the moment. The freshest take was on Alfred however who came off more bitter then in any of his other incarnations. He seemed a bit more human and less sage than I am used to but I am interested in seeing where Sean Pertwee takes the character. Along with all of this the show paraded a list of Batman villains: The Riddler, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Carmine Falcone all make minor to large appearances in the Pilot! Alright I’m done with my rant! Check out the show if you get a chance!

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