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Why You Should Hire J.D. Cook for TV Blend Assistant Editor.

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Hello and welcome to my humble little website www.bigbluebullfrog.com! I won’t bore you with the details about how many articles I have written for the site (although I will link to them here) or how many people I have edited (also linked right here) because you will find those sort of details in my resume which is attached to the email I sent your way just a short bit ago.

What I will get into is the fact that I am extremely qualified to be the TV Blend Assistant Editor! I am young, driven, dare I say hungry for an opportunity to prove myself? I guess I am kind of like Boone in Season 1 of Lost…well except for the way his run on the show ends. Perhaps that was a bad example I am more like Ned Stark from Game of Thrones, idealistic, noble and well actually I hope I do not end up with his ending either now that I think about it. Man television is harsh for characters I relate to. It seems like life post college graduation has been rather similar lately.

I am sure I do not have to go into how tough it can be to make money on the internet or to get paid to do what you love. That is exactly why I desire this opening with Cinema Blend. I have followed the website for some time and enjoyed everything I have read. The writers and editors on the staff seem to genuinely have their thumb on the pulse of American movie and television audiences. I would love to be a part of that group. So I am throwing my proverbial hat into the gauntlet of Cinema Blend’s hiring process and asking for the opportunity to write about a subject I enjoy immensely and earn a paycheck while doing so.

Respectfully Yours,

J.D. Cook


Television Watch List

Game of Thrones

Marvel’s Agents of Shield

The Walking Dead

American Horror Story: Coven

How I Met Your Mother


Teen Titans Go

Doctor Who

Arrested Development

Once Upon A Time (that show was watchable)

Comic Book Men

Mad Men

House of Cards

Hemlock Grove

Firefly (It might be back right? It could just be a real long hiatus!)

Futurama (ended so recently I figured I would include it)

Heroes of Cosplay

Opinion Piece Ideas

How I met How I met your Mother

This would be partial hilarious anecdote about my long journey to becoming a huge fan of the show peppered with references and admiration for the characters and episodes that have made me smile, laugh and yes…cry. Along with this the article would hopefully help readers remember how and why they first discovered the show as well as detailing all the best aspects and moments from the show. It would be a fresh viewer’s look at How I Met Your Mother’s twists, turns and hilarity. All thanks to Netflix of course, more on that in a paragraph or so. I would also discuss its idealistic view of the strange friendship’s between former lovers, roommates and fiances that should never work but always do in touching fashion. I would have to ‘suit up’ at Cinema Blend before I spawned this article of course. Too corny? Alright I admit it my friends do not see me as Boone or Ned Stark. They see me as Ted Mosby.

The Comic Book Influences in Agents of Shield

I could write all day about the comic book influences in Agents of Shield. Many people didn’t realize that the flying car in the first episode was actually lifted straight from the comics. Although there ‘Lola’, as the car is dubbed in the show, is the primary ride of Nick Fury. Each episode adds a bit more to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and most people do not have the comic book knowledge to spot all of the actual comic book references. I mean how many of the average Agents of Shield fans got that Dr. Hall was destined to become the super villain Graviton in the latest episode without first reading about it on a blog or website? I could easily include an opinion of my own ideas for where the show will develop over the course of it’s run since Whedon showed in the Avengers that he really likes to subtly adapt comic book story lines. What’s that? You do not believe me you say? Well Jeremy Renner may have been annoyed that Hawkeye was Loki’s lackey for much of the film but that story line harkened back to the fact that Hawkeye started as a villain in Tales of Suspense #57. It seems that Whedon is doing the same sort of thing with the Avengers: Age of Ultron and I believe a lot of foundation for that film will be laid in Agents of Shield. There is of course a huge audience for super hero speculation and theories especially when they are backed up by years of comic book reading. 

Obviously I have many more ideas up my sleeves. There could be life lessons from Game of Thrones, discussions about why the internet is great for television while it’s killing it in the traditional sense many of us grew up with, and arguments on how huge the variation from comic book to show the Walking Dead is just to start with. I have a lot of potential as a writer and editor I just need a platform that can help me achieve it. 

Thank you again for your consideration.

J.D. Cook

I'm Jerry...Housewares...and writer...overall Renaissance Man

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