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Agents of Shield: Nothing Personal

by J.D. Cook

This Article has been infiltrated by SPOILERS compliments of HYDRA!

Well Agents of Shield hasn’t taken its foot off the gas yet! This week’s episode was probably Skye’s (Chloe Bennet) best showing as a character. She resourcefully trapped and played Ward (Brett Dalton) successfully escaping from him…only to be caught by Deathlok (J. August Richards). Side Note: Ward’s probably the world’s best example of secret crushes going horribly wrong. We also got a fantastic cameo from Maria Hill (Colbie Smulders) who jumped into the episode long enough to double cross the U.S. military and help Coulson (Clark Gregg) rescue Skye. I have to say the scene with Coulson and Skye escaping out of ‘the Bus’ in Lola has to be one of the best moments of the show! This episode gave the show a certain sense of synchronicity as things came full circle from the beginning of the Agents adventures.

Marvel left a few fun Easter Eggs in the episode as well. Maria Hill mentioned Man-Thing in the opening of the episode. This is actuallyMan-Thing the second time Man-Thing has popped up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as there was a reference to him in Iron Man 3. Iron Man  killed the characters wife…or at least blasted her into some telephone wires. Speaking of Iron Man I believe we got some more hints as to where the second Avengers film will pick up. Hill has joined Stark Industries and is working with him to ‘privatize world peace’ as she put it and he put it in Iron Man 2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but with Shield out of the picture the world is ready for the Avengers to become their primary peacekeeping force. What better backing could the team have then Stark Industries? That’s how the team’s been funded for decades in the comics after all! Captain America’s new costume even has an Avenger’s A on it. I hope that the second Avengers starts with the team established and working out of Stark’s tower in Manhattan, although, it will hopefully be referred to as Avengers Tower by then.

Then there was the fact that when Ward chastised Deathlok for hurting him he replied with the words Ward had used to justify his traitorous actions. “It wasn’t personal”, really seemed to say that Deahtlok despised Ward and what he had done. After all Deathlok is a good character forced to be evil while Ward was an evil character forced to be good for a short time. They are interesting foils for each other.

Finally the big reveal at the end of the episode was that Coulson was involved with Project T.A.H.I.T.I. before he died. He actually wanted it shut down. I guess it’s a good thing for him that Nick Fury disagreed. I’m not really sure what to make of this entirely…is Coulson going to die again? Will he get super powers? The sky is the limit when you get an alien blood transfusion!

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