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Agents of Shield: Turn, Turn, Turn

by J.D. Cook

I reallyyy feel bad for those people who lost interest in Agents of Shield when it was still developing. All of the character building and villain creation has finally led us to the Agents of Shield we all signed up for. As I have said countless times before, trust in Joss Whedon!

Now as I touched on briefly in my Captain America: The Winter Soldier review the events of Agents of Shield are directly connected to the film. In fact watching the show considerably enhanced my enjoyment of The Winter Soldier because of how much universe building was done in its early episode’s. Visits to the Shield academy and ‘the Hub’ have helped flesh out the organization so when it goes down you really feel it as a viewer. I’d say in order to best enjoy the Winter Soldier you’d have to at least watch last week’s episode and this one as an epilogue and a prologue to the film.

Now onto the episode itself!

What can I say? It was fantastic. The entire episode kept me wondering who was a secret Hydra Agent and who could be trusted. This whole Cinematic Universe event feels very similar to Marvel’s Secret Invasion event done in the Comic Universe. In that story an alien race called the Skrulls secretly invade and replace superheroes. It created a similar feeling of paranoia as a reader. It also makes sense that the writers at Marvel would adapt that storyline because they don’t actually own the film rights to the Skrulls as they were included with the Fantastic Four.

Sadly the one thing I did not see coming was Agent Garret’s (Bill Paxton’s) turn to the dark side. I mistakenly assumed he was being set up to die in the show. I’m happy he’s still hanging around but who knew he was a Hydra rat! As you can tell this whole thing has me pretty fired up. Don’t even get me started on Agent Ward (Brett Dalton)…just kidding, of course I’m going to discuss him! There was something off about the character all season and now it really makes sense why. The thing that let me know right away that he was the real spy was his killing of Thomas Nash in End of the Beginning . He was trying to hard to justify it as emotional weakness. The only question is whether he is a Hydra agent, a Clairvoyant agent or the actual Clairvoyant! The latest would make a lot of sense considering he stayed on an airplane with a group shield agents for months and avoided detection. He could always just have an evil eye like Deathlok and the Agent in Eye Spy as well

I honestly have no idea where the show goes from here but if I had to bet I’d say Ward and Garret are going to spring the villains in Shield’s prison  ‘the fridge’ setting up a huge climax to the show as well as potentially leading into the Avengers: Age of Ultron down the road.

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