Agents of Shield: T.A.H.I.T.I.

by J.D. Cook

Sometimes an actor can just step on a set and elevate an entire show. That’s pretty much how I felt when Bill Paxton showed up in Agents of Shield this week. It was almost like Bill Paxton wasn’t even present and he just became his tough as nails character. Maybe one of the problems I never noticed with Agents of Shield before Paxton’s appearance was that the cast was mostly newcomers with Clark Gregg playing a character he has reprised multiple times. I’m not saying they’ve done bad performances or anything. I think the entire cast has been excellent so far but I think the newcomers are still finding their footing so to say and the whole show benefited from an actor like Paxton who just jumped into the role and had complete fun with it. That said he was written extremely well, the part where he grabbed Ian Quinn’s (David Conrad) tongue had me laughing out loud.

The show also made me look a bit dumb, which I like, when it was announced by Quinn that the reason he shot Skye(Chloe Bennet) was because the Clairvoyant wanted to force Coulson to discover how Shield resurrected him. At the time I assumed the writers were putting Skye at risk just to give as a cliff hanger but once the full picture came together I really liked what I saw. On the subject of bigger pictures boy am I excited for when Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) arrives from Asgard next week. It seems like Agents of Shield has been kind of misusing the final scene approach that the Marvel movies made famous. Instead of using them to build anticipation like all the Marvel movies, except Iron Man 3 did, the show has been using them to give us funny scenes or introspective scenes instead. We finally got a good one where the villainous Lorelei (Elena Satine) arrived on Midgard (Earth) and quickly set up her seductive powers by stealing a husband from his wife the day after their wedding just because she needed a ride. This show might live up to the hype yet!

Lastly, what the hell was the creature in that tube Coulson found! The blue skin makes it seem like it could be one of two species from the Marvel Universe. It’s either a Frost Giant or a member of the Kree. Now my first instinct was Frost Giant because they’ve been established in the Marvel Cinematic Universe already and Sif is showing up in the next episode but after further thinking it is more likely a Kree.

What is a Kree? Well the Kree are an extraterrestrial species from the world of Hala. They have a long history of experimenting on people and giving them powers. In fact they gave birth to Inhumans in the Marvel Universe. They are an entire sub-group of humans whose ancestors were experimented on by the Kree giving them latent super powers that only emerge in certain circumstances. The famed superhero Ms. Marvel also got her powers when her DNA merged with a Kree called Captain Marvel, not to be confused with Billy Batson…SHAZAM! So could the mysterious substance distilled from the dying Kree give Skye super powers? It’s a mystery for now! We don’t even know that is a Kree for sure but since Guardians of the Galaxy is set to come out soon the folks at Marvel do need to start introducing the Universes more cosmic groups and the Kree are one of the biggest! So what better way to prep audiences is there then to introduce the Kree on Agents of Shield before they show up in Guardian’s!?

Anyway that’s all for tonight! Until next week!

Check in next week for another blog on the show!

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