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Agents of Shield: Repairs

by J.D. Cook

Ok so I was really not looking forward to the latest episode of Agents of Shield because it was taking place primarily aboard the plane. There have already been too many episodes in which the Agents were stuck on the plane for the entirety of the episode. I mean they do it so often they aren’t going to call them bottle episodes anymore they are going to call them plane episodes. If ya don’t get the reference you need to watch more Community…then again who doesn’t am I right?

Ok so the episode surrounded a woman who Shield thought had psychic powers but following the formula of the season her powers weren’t what they seemed. It was nice to see someone not just go insane and evil because of adversity though! The twist is that this nice handy man was trying to get her attention so he caused this big explosion at a particle accelerator on accident and then boom he was trapped between our world and one that apparently resembled Hell. I was REALLYYY hoping for some kind of Mephisto reference but the best we got was when the Agents said it might have to do with the plot of the second Thor where everything went all dimensionally wonky. So maybe the hellish planet was Helheim from Thor’s nine realms? That would be pretty cool! Unfortunately the writers didn’t say that and again missed a good opportunity to tie the show into the larger Marvel Universe.

We got some background on the Cavalry but honestly it was kind of abrupt and I’m starting to lose interest in these characters. I feel like I know them all perfectly well and I’d rather see them go through crazy shit together than find out exactly what happened to them in the past. Whedon  needs to go back to the Firefly formula; great dialogue + exciting episodes.  Honestly May was more interesting with her origin left mysterious. I don’t think anyone was really being eaten alive with questions over her past. The real mysteries of the show are Coulson and Skye’s background and if the show isn’t moving towards unraveling those then I want some stuff that the team has to do together because seeing them sit around the plane is just boring! Even if there is a wrench ghost killer on the plane too…I hate the plane!

Hopefully next week is more interesting.

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