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Agents of Shield: The Girl in the Flower Dress

by J.D. Cook

The newest episode of Agents of Shield was the best one since Gravitron’s origin story. We finally got a couple of answers and Skye’s loyalty to the Rising Tide was revealed far earlier then I would have thought. Instead of letting it simmer all season Skye was ousted after doing the nasty with her ex-hacker extraordinaire boyfriend, much to the chagrin of the crush holding Fitz. At the same time the origin of Scorch (discount, or rather rights available Sunfire) was told in interesting fashion. That last part is just a joke obviously Scorch can’t hold a flame to the Solar Samurai Sunfire. That said for a short amount of time in the episode he was very relatable and sympathetic. My biggest problem with this episode was how fast he flipped from being a manipulated good person to a psychopath. Here’s a pretty awesome little factoid though, Scorch is the first honest to goodness Mutant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I mean yes the show gave the ‘well he lived by a nuclear plant’ explanation to his super mutation but he is definitely a nod to a certain group of misfits called the X-Men. I mean it even seemed like they were trying to conjure the image of Sunfire in people’s minds with the promos.

On a different note this show is really making Shield and by extension large extensive government defense agencies look good. That said Whedon and crew are too smart of a group not to be planning some kind of big switch mid-season. I mean we live in an era where invasive security is a huge threat to modern society and Shield embodies that perfectly. While Coulson and his team are certainly good moral people that can’t be the case with every Shield agent can it? I am craving the episode where the cracks in Shield’s world policing finally start to appear. Also when are the Agents of Shield going to run into someone who doesn’t go mad with power? I want to see a legitimate hero created! Hell I want someone with super powers on the team. I don’t know if this show will endure long term if fans don’t eventually get something like that because we could get a crack team of investigators globetrotting and fighting crime anywhere. We come to watch Agents of Shield for super powers!

Lastly the actual ‘girl in the flower dress’ was revealed as a big villain or she has direct ties to a big villain. Unfortunately the jury is still out on who the bad guys are in this show. My guess is it’s either the remnants of AIM or Hydra. Both are the traditional villains of Shield and work perfectly in the context of the show. It was nice to see Skye decide to fight for the good guys and I wonder who her parents are but I’m far more interested in who the evil organization creating super villains is!

 Until next week my friends!

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